Interview With an Almost Gamer Mom

A talk with my Mom about the gaming days of old.

My mother grew up during a blossoming time in gaming. Arcades were just on the rise and home consoles were exciting but rare. I talk to her about that special time and what it meant to her.

Cupcakecrisis: “So did they have a lot of arcades when you were a kid?”

Mom: “They were just coming out when I was a child. There were about 2 around where I lived. We had pinball machines though, people loved those things. The first game or home system though was Atari. My brother had one, but we (the 3 other sisters) couldn’t play cause he was the boy.”

Cupcakecrisis: “Did you really want to play those games?”

Mom: “Yeah, kinda. They’d given me doll babies instead. I had her; it didn’t matter much to me anyways. It still wasn’t fair though.”

It’s times like that where I really appreciate the way my mom raised me. Games are not just a “boy” thing, and I glad that my mother gave me the freedom to express myself with the hobbies and games that I wanted to.

Cupcakecrisis: “So what was your favorite game to play when you got a chance?”

Mom: “I used to like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders, those were the games that were really fun and challenging.”  

Cupcakecrisis: “Were you really good at those games?”

Mom: “Not really, but I really loved to play them.”

I think she’s under estimating herself actually. Seeing her play those games is a wonder. She plays with equal parts great reflexes and practice, she’s amazing at them.

Cupcakecrisis: “What’s a game now that you really enjoy?”

Mom: “Temple Run. Cause it’s challenging, almost in the way that my favorite games were back then. “

My mom has what it takes to be an awesome gamer, but she was dissuaded from it at a young age. Now we’re at time where girls playing games is becoming less and less of a taboo, but we still need more acceptance.  If many would just encourage children’s endeavors, we’d have a lot more game designer, journalist and reviewers, instead of almost designers, journalist and reviewers.

After the interview is over, my mom heads to the living room, tablet in hand. She loads the menu screen to Temple Run, a smile on her face. 

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Published Jul. 14th 2013

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