Fallout 76 Gets Free-to-Play, Double XP Weekend

The event is live across all platforms. Here's when it ends and what you get access to.

If you've yet to take country roads to the irradiated wastes of Bethesda's alternate-timeline West Virginia, now's a good time to give Fallout 76 a try. The action RPG is currently free-to-play on every platform — for a limited time. 

Bethesda first shared the news on May 14 via Twitter. The free event is live now and runs through the weekend until May 18 at 12 p.m. EDT. It is available on PC (Steam included), PS4, and Xbox One. 

Those who log into Fallout 76 will not only get double XP, but they'll also get access to the entire Fallout 76 experience. This includes the recently-released Wastelanders update, which brings NPCs to the wasteland, as well as a hefty number of quests and other goodies. 

Fallout 76 has changed quite a bit since it originally released in late 2018. We reviewed it back then and found it to be a decent Fallout entry, calling it an "exciting experiment." With steady additions and tweaks, as well as the release of the Wastelanders DLC, Fallout 76 is certainly a different beast more than a year and a half later. 

If you're just getting started with the quasi-MMO Fallout entry, be sure to check out our smattering of Fallout 76 guides for helping of tips and tricks. 


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Published May. 15th 2020

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