Rise of the Triad gameplay

An old fast paced crazy arena shooter will be making a comeback!

Classic Unreal style shooting comes back to life!Originally for this article, I was just going to interview my roommate. He's a big fan of Rise of the Triad, and it would have been nice to get his spin on how the newest iteration is looking. Sadly, all I could get out of him was a lot of crying and cheering, so that went right out the window.Agogee Software, the guys who brought you Duke Nuke'em back in the day, have been working their butts off to revive one of their favorite titles. Rise of the Triad was a tongue in cheek, fast paced, ultra silly FPS title from back in 1995, and fans of the series will be happy to hear that nothing has really been changed from the original.God mode, Dog mode, shrooms made, and the fan favorite Excalibat are all back. And the dev on the PAX show floor stated that all the original characters are bosses are in the game too. Can't wait for me and my friends to get our hands on it for some crazy fun. Now if you'll excuse, I think my friend is still crying.


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Published Apr. 5th 2013

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