What's in Store for Clem? The Walking Dead Season 3 Predictions

Just where do we go from here?

My tears have finally dried.

I can now think about No Going Back and not be reduced to a blubbering mess. But seriously, wasn't that a heck of an ending to an adventure? And an even more exciting starting point for the next season!? Here are a couple of my predictions for The Walking Dead Season 3. *Spoilers for Season 2 ahead!*

1. You will be alone. Like... really alone. 

As I said before, season two's finale was one that split you off into many pathways, which really made you feel like Clementine was constructed completely of your own choices, which I applaud the creators for. However, I think it's safe to say that Telltale will find a way to narrow those pathways down to one. The season première may differ depending on your choices in the finale, but all eyes and plot points are set towards Wellington. 

2. How Deep Are Your Scars Really? 

A huge theme in season two was familiarizing Clementine with the harsh realities of the world, and proving that she was more than capable to handle it. In fact, shit only hit the fan when she came into contact with living people.

She's not a little kid anymore, and is STILL. NOT. BITTEN.

Season 3 will most likely be about easing her back into a group reminiscent to her first, but they might not be as innocent as they claim. The family that appeared in the Jane ending seemed like they will play a big part in reminding Clem of what a family is. Not so much the man with them, but Patricia and the little boy...who I could feel major crushy vibes coming from. Could this be Clem's first play at puppy love? 

Flirting 101 taught by random boy

3. Protection vs. Sacrifice 

Scratch point number one, you're not exactly alone. On top of being in a zombie apocalypse and being surrounded by terrible people, you've also got a kid. There are going to be a lot of Lee/Clementine parallels in this season where Clem teaches young Alvin Jr. about life the way it is now, possibly in a time jump. I can feel a big swelling moment in which we have to choose between the protection of this baby and the sacrifice of Clem's own protection. Which leads to.... 

4. Could Clem Die This Season?

I absolutely think so. What I think is being set up is a kind of cycle; Clem saved Lee in a way, and Lee saved Clem at his own expense. Now Clementine is faced with a similar situation and what would be the best, tear demanding thing to happen but to have Clementine die heroically. Obviously I don't want this to be true, but I admit it would be a good way for her character to go out. 

5. (Bonus Prediction) Where Christa At Tho? 

We haven't seen her since episode one and we do have a child that she could adopt as her own. I do hope, wherever she is, she gets a little R&R; she's been through a lot. 

6. (Bonus Bonus Prediction) We find Bonnie and Arvo and go straight Mortal Kombat on them. 

After all of the chances I gave the BOTH of them it would be so satisfying to handle them one last time. Round one, FIGHT! 

Got any predictions of your own? Let me know in the comments below!

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Published Nov. 3rd 2014
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