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Tom Clancy’s The Division is an upcoming open-world action RPG with an official release date of March 8, 2016. By now, some players have already gotten the chance to try the game out in the closed beta testing, and it turns out that The Division is loaded with all kinds of easter eggs.

Some of them reference The Division YouYubers, people from the media, and even real life New York artists. But the most exciting ones are the easter eggs from our favorite movies, games, and cartoons.

So, let’s take a look at the top ten The Division easter eggs.

Bruce Almighty

There is a really cool reference in the game to one of the best Jim Carrey comedies – Bruce Almighty. You can find it on a sign hanging near a liquor store on the 31st street. The sign indicates a phone number – 555-0123, which is the same number given to Bruce by the God in the film.

It would be interesting to know whether this was just an homage to the movie, or were developers trying to say something more by giving away this number?

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

This easter egg is for the fans of another famous set of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy games. When you go back to the base of operations, you need to go up the ramp to the offices. In one of the cubicles, you will see a pair of night vision goggles lying on the desk, which are an exact replica of goggles used by the protagonist in the influential Splinter Cell video game series.

Adventure Time

You can find a really fun reference to the animated TV series Adventure Time on a children’s playground.

Leave the base of operations and go south of 29th street. There you will see a wall covered with graffiti showing the main characters of the series – Finn and Jake.

It’s really nice to see something as colorful as that in such a dark and grim game as The Division.

Shaun of the Dead

Here’s another movie reference and another comedy! When you play The Division you can turn on a feature called ECHO – it indicates special holographic scenes that are recorded and activated on certain locations on the map.

You need to get to the fenced area between 22nd and 23rd streets – there at the end of the alley you will witness a short scene between the characters of Shaun of the Dead.

And, here’s an actual scene from the movie, if you can’t remember what it’s all about.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you are a fan of the Ninja Turtles, try to find the coffee shop located on the corner of 31st street and 7th avenue. On the ground by the wall of the building you will be able to spot a pair of nunchucks and an empty pizza box.

This is a clear reference to a pizza-loving ninja that happened to be here, who accidentally left his melee weapon behind. And, we all know of only one kind of pizza-loving ninjas, right?

Grow Home and Rayman

Two other references to Ubisoft games can be found at the top floor of the building located on the 29th street just a block away from the base of operations.

You need to go upstairs and unlock the door of an apartment. In one of the rooms you will see shelves with books and video game boxes. If you zoom to a small pile of boxes on the lower shelf, you will see two familiar titles – Grow Home and Rayman Raving Rabbids.

World in Conflict

One of the subsidiaries of Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment, released a real-time strategy game called World in Conflict in 2007. The game was pretty good for its time, and you can find the corresponding easter egg in a High Low Electronics shop located on the 22nd street in The Division. It’s a big shop, so head straight to the counter and look at the corner of the table near a tech support banner. There is a box with a cover of World in Conflict.

Watch Dogs

There is a possible reference to Watch Dogs in the Subway Morgue mission in The Division. When you get to the generators area, you can see a person inside the controls room. The style of clothes on this NPC closely resembles what Aiden Pearce was wearing in Watch Dogs.

However, many members of community speculate that it may not actually be him. In any case, it’s an interesting find, and you should check it out.

The Simpsons

If you happen to get to the Madison Square Garden, go to the first building on the left and enter the main big hall. You will see a number of desks and people working at them. On one of the desks you can spot a special kind of donuts with sprinkles – this is the exact type of donut popularized by Homer Simpson from The Simpsons cartoon series.

Creepy Ghost

There are several references to an upcoming series of events in the game that may add an element of horror to The Division.

First, beta players spotted an inscription on the wall saying “Dead Will Rise” - this may (or may not) be the hint to the infected rising from the dead somewhere in the future.

More than that, now you can spot creepy ghosts walking around the city, like the one shown in the video above. This is really intriguing!

What are your favorite The Division easter eggs? Have you discovered any of your own? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published Feb. 26th 2016


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