10 Great X-Box One Games for Kids!

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Staring at a wall of game titles in a store or browsing page after page online can be daunting when trying to find an age-appropriate but fun X-Box One game for younger players.

Though a gamer and a pirate amazon, I'm a parent first. So, I understand the struggle of knowing what's okay for kids to play that's not too intense, too scary or too mature for their game time--especially since many X-Box One popular titles are shoot'em ups, fighting games or horror.

Here's some of the most popular E Rated and E-10 Rated games out there. E Rated meaning a game is suitable for Everyone; no naughty language, over the top violence, or graphically frightening images. The E-10 rating is meant for older kids and normally means there might be a crude joke or two (like fart humor) and the action might be a little more intense.

Some of the titles have been around a little while, but you just may have not seen them. A few are fairly new and might be good upcoming gift ideas.

Prices listed are the everyday prices averaged from several gaming stores, big box stores and online shopping. Some comparisons can find the best deals.

Published Apr. 21st 2016

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