10 Great X-Box One Games for Kids!


by Mojang and Microsoft

The first selection is one you may already be familiar with, but still a classic. Though nearly 5 years old, the quintessential sandbox builder game Minecraft continues in popularity. It's simplicity, combined with open-world play and layers of complexity keep millions coming back. It's also sprouted a mobile app and most recently a spin-off, Minecraft: Story Mode.

Online Minecraft has become it's own universe with sites and Youtube channels dedicated to the creations players have made, start up seeds, downloadable outfits, custom bricks, as well as favorite things to do or best places to go in the game, etc. 

It's the ability to jump right in as a single-player, co-op or online session that means everyone can experience the game as they want. Take on the challenge of Survival Mode, or tinker in Creative, or just be social on someone's server.

Minecraft MSRP: $19.99 (Disc or Direct Download)

Minecraft: Story Edition MSRP: $29.99 (Season Pass Disc)

Published Apr. 21st 2016

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