10 Great X-Box One Games for Kids!

LEGO® Dimensions

A recent trend has been the combination of video games with collectible toys. This would include the original Skylanders, the very popular Disney Infinity series, Nintendo's Amiibo (a-me-bo) and Lego Dimensions.

Additional toys, sold separately, allow new characters and vehicles to be added to games, unlock levels, find secret areas and create new combinations of adventures.

Lego Dimensions adds another facet. Not only are players collecting characters and playing the game, they're actually building or re-building the vehicles and equipment used in the game.

Snap together the Batmobile and place it on the portal stand... viola! The Dark Knight's ride appears in the game for characters to tool around in.

The Starter Set also includes:

  • LEGO Toy Pad
  • Bricks to build the LEGO Gateway
  • 3 LEGO minifigures (Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle)
  • LEGO Batmobile vehicle

Lego's other titles have always been favorites for players of all ages with a variety of worlds to play in like Star Wars, DC Comics, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ghostbusters and most recently Jurassic World.

Lego Dimensions Starter Kit - MSRP: $79.99

Additional characters and mini-sets range from $8-$29

Published Apr. 21st 2016

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