Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Brings Michael Myers to the Scene

You will be able to terrorize others in Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC as you can become the iconic Michael Myers!

You read that right; you’ll be able to revive the one and only Michael Myers on the upcoming Onslaught DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

How will Michael Myers come to Call of Duty? Well, it is all thanks to the creativity of developers. Onslaught features four new maps, one of them being “Fog”.

When playing in this scary map, players will be able to do their normal business--kill people. At least, until one of the players completes a “field order;” then that player will become the acclaimed Myers, and instead of holding a gun, he’ll have an axe, and when he is near, the game music will change to the famous soundtrack of Halloween movies. I’m sure you know which sound that is!

Check out the full DLC preview video below.

This DLC also bring some perks, such as the two new weapons, and the well anticipated Extinction's Episode 1 (out of 5) "Nightfall".

Nightfall is a brand new campaign within the game, which takes place in an also new map that will give you some new details about these aliens that are attacking the planet. Included in this campaign players will find some new aliens, one of them being the "largest boss creature" Infinity Ward has ever done.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC has been officially confirmed to release on January 28 through Infinity Ward's Twitter Page.

What are your thoughts on these additions that the Onslaught DLC will bring to Call of Duty: Ghosts?

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Published Jan. 13th 2014
  • Kupo_6829
    Seriously? "You have the mask, you have the axe." When the fuck did Michael Myers main weapon become an axe? He uses a fucking kitchen knife, Now when I think about it, I can't think of any old school horror movie where the killer uses an axe? At least not in any of the famous movies. Except for Jason in Friday 13th ofc. But his main weapon is still the machete.
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    I had the same thought, they gave Mike a brand new weapon on this looks cool though, and the music makes up for it, but it would've been cool if they would've attached to the original story of Halloween
  • Coatedpolecat
    Featured Correspondent
    Come to think of it, didn't they do a Good Fellas DLC last year some time? Considering that, I guess this isn't too far fetched...?

    It just seems so desperate, IMO.
  • Coatedpolecat
    Featured Correspondent
    Why Mike Myers, and why not do this around Halloween...
  • JohnHeatz
    Featured Correspondent
    that's quite a good question...this would've been perfect for a Halloween DLC...I had the same question when I first saw the for having Myers there...why not? :P

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