YouTube Gaming Aims to be King of Stream

YouTube Gaming is the newest livestream service dedicated to gamers and gameplay, heavily inspired by

Ask any gamer for a livestream option, and I bet the first name out of their mouths is Twitch. The guys at Twitch were ever so slightly ahead of their time when they started marketing livestreaming to gamers, but the big companies are finally catching up.

Google wants a piece of that streaming pie. Since all of the capabilities for such a streaming site are already there on Youtube, as well as the network of interested viewers and camera-ready gamers, the site rolled out a program simply titled 'Youtube Gaming.'

It's just a livestream function, really, so don't expect anything too spectacular. The key to Youtube's version, however, is a direct market towards gamers and those interested in watching gameplays.

A live chat on the side of all streams (even on regular video page versions) keep the player and the audience connected. Those who like what they see can view, thumbs-up, and even subscribe to the channel straight from the stream. It's basically's functionality on one page, with the exception that you have access to all of your YT channel's viewers.

Want to try making your stream, even for just a second? Or perhaps you want to watch another livestream? There's hundreds of them, with tens of millions of active viewers, right now! Just hop onto YouTube Gaming and you'll jump right into the fray.

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Published Oct. 4th 2016

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