Firaxis Announces New Civilization Game in Development

The next chapter of the Civilization franchise is in the works at Firaxis.

Developer Firaxis Games has announced that there is a new Civilization game in development. The company didn't share any further details on what will likely be Civilization 7. Neither Firaxis nor publisher 2K shared any further details on the upcoming strategy sequel; we currently don't know the official title, which platforms it will be on, or its targeted release window or date. 

The news of the next game in the Civilization franchise came via a press release alongside the announcement that Firaxis Games Chief Operating Officer, Heather Hazen, had been promoted to Studio Head. Hazen replaces former Studio Head Steve Martin, who had been with Firaxis for 25 years and overseen the release of more than 30 titles.

Hazen said: 

I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to carry on the studio's storied legacy, beginning with the announcement that Firaxis is in development on the next iteration of the legendary Civilization franchise.

I’m lucky to be working with some of the best developers in our industry, and we have plans to take the Civilization franchise to exciting new heights for our millions of players around the world. In addition, we will continue to support Marvel’s Midnight Suns with post-launch content, and explore new creative projects for our teams.

The official Civilization Twitter account also confirmed the news.

According to the release, Civilization 6 Creative Director Ed Beach will stay in the role for the next Civilization game. 

Civilization 6, the most recent installment in the turn-based strategy franchise, was released way back in 2016 for PC, eventually making its way to other platforms, such as PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Stay tuned for more information on what's likely to be the Civilization 7 release date, its mechanics, and its featured cultures. 

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Published Feb. 17th 2023

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