Grow Home coming to PS4?

Ubisoft's PC game Grow Home may soon be available on the PS4.

Ubisoft's Grow Home, which was once only available on the PC, may now be coming to the PS4.  

Grow Home, an adventure game developed by Ubisoft Reflections, was released on February 4, 2015 for Microsoft Windows. 

In Grow Home, gamers play as BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), a robot who harvests the seeds of an alien plant in order to travel across a world of floating islands to reach higher ground.

A PS4 release was first hinted at through a leak of Sony's Vote to Play feature for Playstation Plus members. Vote to Play will allow Playstation Plus members to vote on one of three games to be offered as part of the Playstation Plus monthly games. One of the games offered in this lineup is Grow Home. 


       Vote to Play teases Grow Home for PS4

Grow Home was also recently featured on a Taiwanese games rating board for PS4, adding further speculation about a PS4 release.  

Ubisoft currently lists Grow Home as being available on the PC and the PS4; however, a PS4 release has yet to be announced.


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Published Aug. 8th 2015

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