Great Sex and 6 Other Ways to Make Romance Better in Mass Effect: Andromeda

The newest game's romance is supposed to be great. Here are a few things I would love to see to make it superior to its predecessors.

It was recently confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to have a great romance aspect. I don't think anybody's surprised by that -- after all, the romance system is what led to many funny GIFs of Shepard saying "We'll bang, okay?"

But even though it's great we'll get to bang our favorite shipmates, there are a few things I think should be implemented to improve the whole romance process in this upcoming Mass Effect game.

1. Make it Count for Something More

It's not uncommon for relationships to count for something in RPGs. In some games, you may gain a bonus of some kind once your friendship level is maxed out with a character.

Why not implement that for romances? Maybe you could get a bonus for having the maximum friendship, but being in a romantic relationship could add another ability, passive bonus, awesome weapon, etc.

Doesn't it make sense that your partner would want take care of you both on the battlefield and the bedroom?

2. More Missions

The typical formula for building a relationship with someone in an RPG goes something like this:

1. Meet them, find out who they are, and ask them to join you. 

2.  After having them in your party for a while (and talking to them 50 times in camp/the ship/etc.) they will open up about their past and ask you to help them with something.

3. Go on a mission and build up their trust.

4. Profit! Now they're your best bro. 

That's great and all, but you would think a romantic relationship would spur on more specific adventuring. Your partner would probably open up more about their past and aspirations, hoping you can help 'em out. It'd be great to have missions that you take only with your partner, or at least those where you have to work closely together to accomplish anything.

So maybe on their trust mission you learn that the person's brother -- who they thought was dead -- is actually still alive. Then maybe there could be some follow-up missions for them. But these missions only open up if that person becomes your special someone.

3. More Places to Procreate

In the other Mass Effect games, you don't exactly experience the spice of life -- variety. Rather than make love everywhere like newly-beloveds do, most sex is just done in one place.


Why not in the cockpit while Kello Jath (the pilot) is asleep? I'm sure he won't mind. 

Maybe in your partner's room and the captain's room. 

And a random closet and the ship's kitchen and medical bay . 

...okay maybe I'm getting carried away here. But you get my point. At least 2-3 places would make it better.

4. More Effort

It's a little too simple to romance people in most RPGs. The Witcher 3 did it right in my opinion, because it was easy to make the wrong decision and blow your chances. One mistake and could forget a frisky night with the redhead. 

Granted, in the previous Mass Effect games you could still make the wrong choice. But in my opinion it's less difficult than it probably should be. 

Hopefully Mass Effect: Andromeda is a little better about this. Getting someone to fall in love with you should require:

  • Saying just the right things
  • Doing a few extra missions for them
  • Maybe giving them gifts? (Like in Dragon Age: Origins.)

I mean, come on. Let's pretend the characters in the game have a little more class and require more schmoozing before hopping in bed with their fearless leader.

5. More Character Interactions

If your boss was dating your coworker at work, there'd be a lot of talk about it, right? Some people would throw around friendly banter. Others would be a little harsher and bring up the issue of favoritism. 

The same should go with Mass Effect: Andromeda's romance. 

For example, let's say you're playing a male and decide to romance Cora. Well some of the other guys on the ship -- especially the ones who aren't bisexual or homosexual -- could start making funny or "way to go" kind of comments. 

But the females who may have been interested in you may be a little less forgiving -- especially if you'd already started down the path of romancing them but quit it to boink Cora. Hell, maybe they could even become more difficult to work with if you snub them.

This could happen everywhere. On the ship, walking around on planets or in cities, etc. 

6. A Better Ending

No, I'm not talking about ME3's horrible endings. 

The final cutscenes of the game should be different based on who you romanced. Maybe you go back to the home planet of whoever you chose as your partner. Could be that you settle down at the Ryder's home. Or go on a much-needed vacation. 

Heck -- I would be happy with just a hug and a kiss between the loving couple. 

But that isn't the norm. Instead, we're just left with a warm and fuzzy feeling of saving the world...or whatever. 

7. More Sex

From what I've seen, this is already confirmed. But I still wanted to include it, just in case. Because let's get real -- a lot of people are looking forward to some Mass Effect sex. Not many games let you bang aliens! 

What Changes Do You Want to See?

Have you been happy with the romance aspects of the previous games? Or do you, like myself, think they can do a lot more with Mass Effect: Andromeda's romances? Let me know in the comments!


I've probably put more hours into video games than my kid has been alive. Call of Duty, MOBAs and Skyrim are to blame!

Published Jan. 21st 2017

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