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I've seen a lot of lists when it comes to Kingdom Hearts and almost all of them revolve around the worlds. They're someone's favorite worlds or the most anticipated worlds or the worlds that someone most wants to see in Kingdom Hearts 3. I've decided to put a negative spin on it. These are some of my least favorite worlds out of the entire Kingdom Hearts series. I don't want to see these coming back.

Warning: On the off chance you are reading this list prior to playing the Kingdom Hearts games, there are some very minor spoilers that you may want to avoid.

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Olympus Coliseum/Hercules

Olympus Coliseum had some cool concepts that fell short. And then crashed and burned.

Kingdom Hearts

The level is small. There's three areas you can enter and that's it. In the movie, there's Mount Olympus, the human world, and the Underworld. We get a very small glimpse of only one of those areas. It felt very underwhelming.

The training in this level was annoying too. It wasn't too hard once you figured out what to do, but it was poorly timed. Olympus Coliseum comes after Destiny Islands, Traverse Town, and Wonderland. You could do this world even later than that if you wanted to. At least four worlds into the game, and just now you're giving us training? The player figured out how to fight properly ages ago. It was needed to kill the numerous bosses already fought after all.

Kingdom  Hearts 2

They made the level longer! We get to explore the Underworld! How underwhelming. The level was not designed well. All the areas looked exactly the same, just grey walls with some smoke here and there. It wasn't that great.

The story for the level wasn't great either. The first visit was nothing but a collection quest, trying to retrieve the Olympus Stone. You do that and fight the Hydra, a disappointingly easy boss. In the second visit, you do another collection quest (big surprise), getting Auron's voodoo doll. Then you fight Hades. The level ends. 

Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days

Roxas trains with Phil. He has memories of Sora. He then fights some Heartless and a Guard Armor. It's dragged out and it gets really annoying having to continuously go back. 

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

As much as I appreciate Square Enix taking the beginning of the Hercules movie into account, it was poorly done. Ven just fights some Unversed. Terra has a moment of fighting the inner darkness with Hades obviously edging him along. Aqua continues her quest of trying to find Terra and Ventus and then fights Hades (like we hadn't fought him a million times before). The level design is very short, and, as before, a little useless.


The tournaments were pretty cool. It was a nice test of ability and fit well with the feel of the world. It even gave us a chance to fight cool bosses like Sephiroth that didn't really fit anywhere else in the universe. However, the tournaments got annoying and felt very useless. Most didn't net you any experience points. I'm fighting all of these Heartless, Nobodies, or bosses and I'm not getting EXP. It was a bit of bummer really. I know I got some weapons here and there for completing the tournaments solo or with a time limit, but that didn't make it any less disappointing considering how many enemies you had to fight. 

You also had to wait around for them to spawn. I'm not a patient person. I want them available to me from the beginning.

No Mythology

Hercules centered around Greek mythology. Kingdom Hearts takes none of that into account. You fight the Rock Titan. You fight the Ice Titan. You fight Hades. Can you not see or talk to Zeus? Can you not explore Mt. Olympus? What about Hermes? At least add them into the tournaments as bosses so we have more to fight than just Heartless, Nobodies, and the same bosses over and over again.

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Beast's Castle/Beauty and the Beast

Kingdom Hearts 2

Xaldin. Xaldin was by far my least favorite boss in Kingdom Hearts 2. Not only did he have a weird reaction command that I still haven't figured out, his ultimate move that he spammed at the end of the fight was basically unavoidable. He was going to kill you and he was going to kill you a lot. It didn't even really matter how many times King Mickey stepped in to help out. Xaldin was going to laugh in your face and there was nothing you could do.

Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days

This world just felt pointless and dragged out. You had to help Xion regain her Keyblade abilities and thus fight with a wooden stick, which is never fun if you recall the beginning of Hollow Bastion in the first game. Then you had to fight a giant Heartless which turned out to be an incredibly hard fight, for me at least. Yet the level still continued. You then had to track down Xaldin to figure out why he had yet to return to Organization XIII. That would be all well and good if we didn't already know the reason why Xaldin was there. Kingdom Hearts 2 was released over three years prior to Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days. At that point, all the fans should know why he's there.

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100 Acre Wood/Winnie the Pooh

Mini-games everywhere

I don't hate mini-games, but too many of them and they can get annoying really quickly. 100 Acre Wood was a world full of nothing but mini-games. When you take into account how many other mini-games were in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, this just felt like overkill. As much as I love Tigger, I didn't want to bounce around with him. I didn't want to swing Pooh. I didn't want to help find Piglet. Please. Just no.

Torn Pages

You couldn't get this world out of the way either. In order to complete the world, you had to find all of the Torn Pages first. Those were scattered across every other world you had to go to, including the final ones. If you were interested in completing this world, you had to wait until the very end. Basically, this meant you had to do a huge collection quest and then spend about 45 minutes doing mini-games. It was a whole lot of boring thrust into one world.

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Space Paranoids/The Grid/Tron


The costumes are stupid. They look ridiculous, like the designers just strapped a whole bunch of blue lines on a grey suit and called it quits. Not to mention, that head gear does not go well with Sora's hair. It makes him look like a crazy scientist. Just give him a purple vial with smoke oozing out of it and he would be planning to over take the world.

Kingdom Hearts 2

The games were horrible. They dragged on forever. I was fighting Heartless on motorcycles for much longer than I would have liked. Not to mention, the controls for the section were a little weird. If they had given you some time to practice, it would have been fine, but they just dropped you in there without a word. Chances were you were dying on your first try and it would take you a while before you figured out exactly what worked in the games and what didn't so you could make it to the end. Considering the rest of the level was a breeze, this brief moment of difficulty just got all the more annoying.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

The Grid was based upon Tron: Legacy. I'll admit I'm biased to this one because I hated that movie and all the characters from it, but The Grid focused primarily on the games. As mentioned, the games were annoying in Kingdom Hearts 2. I didn't want them to make a reappearance. 

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Level design

I have a terrible sense of direction. Thus, the maze that was Monstro did not appeal to me, especially as a child. I found myself wandering around for hours just killing Heartless because I had no idea where I was going. That being said, once you figured out where you were going, this world was ridiculously short. You went through a couple of chambers, met up with Riku, and got through the two phases of the boss battle. That was it. There was nothing more to it.

Random spawning

In Kingdom Hearts, Monstro was also very annoying just because of the fact that sometimes it would gobble you up and sometimes it wouldn't. If you needed to go back to collect missed trinities or missed treasure chests, sometimes you would just be out of luck. That little feature definitely made this world more of a nuisance than it needed to be.

You get nothing! Good day, sir!

After beating the Parasite Cage and saving Pinocchio you receive the grand prize of nothing. That's right. At the end of Monstro, you didn't get a single reward. No new Keyblade. No new abilities. You traversed that maze and saved Pinocchio for nothing. Talk about a just reward. I really did lose.

At least in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep you could kill Monstro. You had a chance at some revenge for his annoyance.

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Twilight Town

Kingdom Hearts 2

Twilight Town was a bad combination of Traverse Town and Destiny Islands. There were introduction quests like there were in Destiny Islands, but they were even more lackluster. Frankly, I don't care about The Seven Wonders of Twilight Town. I don't want to have to make all this money doing stupid jobs just to have it stolen. I don't care about the Struggle Tournament either. Not to mention, the characters were a lot less interesting to me. Hayden, Pence, and Olette were annoying and did nothing for the storyline. At least Cid, Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith in Traverse Town were useful for the overall plot. They helped you fight and gave you new information and abilities.

This world felt unnecessarily large as well. There were so many different areas and most of those were only necessary for one small moment in the very beginning. There was no reason to return to Sunset Terrace, the seven wonders area, after finding the wonders. The sewers were only good for the Organization XIII mushroom. There were two separate parts of the marketplace. There was the entire Old Mansion. Then there was the train station, the sandlot, and the Mysterious Tower which was only accessible through the train station. So much of the world could have been cut out.

Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days

The sole purpose of this world was to watch Xion, Roxas, and Axel eat sea salt ice cream atop the clock tower. There was a brief glimpse of Roxas turning down an offer to join Organization XIII, but soon Axel sweeps in and convinces Roxas to become friends with him. This world was nothing more than friends bonding. As endearing as that is, could they not have picked a change of scenery every once in a while? You can bond in more than just one world, after all.


Atlantica/The Little Mermaid

This one may have been a no-brainer. I hated this world with a burning passion. 

Kingdom Hearts

In the first game, the swimming controls were rather terrible. It was difficult to move properly and when you're supposed to be fighting Heartless, Ursula, or a combination of the two, lack of good control is not something you need. Fighting giant Ursula highlighted the lack of proper control even more. Now that boss fight was a pain.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Don't even get me started on Atlantica in the second game. I could go on for days about how much I hated it in Kingdom Hearts 2, so let me keep it short. I wanted a Kingdom Hearts game, not a musical simulator.

The only plus to this world may be the fact that it was optional in the final mix of the first game. Well, that and the fact that Sora makes a good merman.

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There you have it!

What Kingdom Hearts worlds did you dislike? Can you make an argument for one of the worlds I included? Let me know in the comments below.

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Published Aug. 19th 2015



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