7 Annoying Kingdom Hearts worlds

Olympus Coliseum/Hercules

Olympus Coliseum had some cool concepts that fell short. And then crashed and burned.

Kingdom Hearts

The level is small. There's three areas you can enter and that's it. In the movie, there's Mount Olympus, the human world, and the Underworld. We get a very small glimpse of only one of those areas. It felt very underwhelming.

The training in this level was annoying too. It wasn't too hard once you figured out what to do, but it was poorly timed. Olympus Coliseum comes after Destiny Islands, Traverse Town, and Wonderland. You could do this world even later than that if you wanted to. At least four worlds into the game, and just now you're giving us training? The player figured out how to fight properly ages ago. It was needed to kill the numerous bosses already fought after all.

Kingdom  Hearts 2

They made the level longer! We get to explore the Underworld! How underwhelming. The level was not designed well. All the areas looked exactly the same, just grey walls with some smoke here and there. It wasn't that great.

The story for the level wasn't great either. The first visit was nothing but a collection quest, trying to retrieve the Olympus Stone. You do that and fight the Hydra, a disappointingly easy boss. In the second visit, you do another collection quest (big surprise), getting Auron's voodoo doll. Then you fight Hades. The level ends. 

Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days

Roxas trains with Phil. He has memories of Sora. He then fights some Heartless and a Guard Armor. It's dragged out and it gets really annoying having to continuously go back. 

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

As much as I appreciate Square Enix taking the beginning of the Hercules movie into account, it was poorly done. Ven just fights some Unversed. Terra has a moment of fighting the inner darkness with Hades obviously edging him along. Aqua continues her quest of trying to find Terra and Ventus and then fights Hades (like we hadn't fought him a million times before). The level design is very short, and, as before, a little useless.


The tournaments were pretty cool. It was a nice test of ability and fit well with the feel of the world. It even gave us a chance to fight cool bosses like Sephiroth that didn't really fit anywhere else in the universe. However, the tournaments got annoying and felt very useless. Most didn't net you any experience points. I'm fighting all of these Heartless, Nobodies, or bosses and I'm not getting EXP. It was a bit of bummer really. I know I got some weapons here and there for completing the tournaments solo or with a time limit, but that didn't make it any less disappointing considering how many enemies you had to fight. 

You also had to wait around for them to spawn. I'm not a patient person. I want them available to me from the beginning.

No Mythology

Hercules centered around Greek mythology. Kingdom Hearts takes none of that into account. You fight the Rock Titan. You fight the Ice Titan. You fight Hades. Can you not see or talk to Zeus? Can you not explore Mt. Olympus? What about Hermes? At least add them into the tournaments as bosses so we have more to fight than just Heartless, Nobodies, and the same bosses over and over again.

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Published Aug. 19th 2015

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