Ranking the Persona Franchise From Best to Worst

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Wait a minute, this is... a fighting game? Unlike the super ill-fated D&D fighting game spin off, this one is actually worth playing for beat 'em up fans, although maybe less so for the Persona die hards who prefer a JRPG experience.

Oddly enough, this is actually the SECOND fighting game in the series, following the previous Persona 4 Arena. What sets Ultimax apart from anything else in the genre is that there's a whole lot more story going on here than you'd expect from a Street Fighter style game.

That could be good or bad depending -- good for Persona fans who want to see these characters, but probably bad for fighting game fans who don't want to read screen after screen of text.

This one's better than its predecessor, but at the end of the day anyone playing is going to have to  ask themselves: just who is the target audience here?

Published Apr. 12th 2017

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