Ranking the Persona Franchise From Best to Worst

Revelations: Persona

I fully came into this list expecting to put this entry all the way at the top, having very fond memories of playing this as a kid. The totally different setting from your typical fantasy RPG set Persona drastically apart from the pack.

This was also definitely the first game I played where negotiating with demons before fighting was an option, with violence completely avoidable in many random battles.

Between the game starting with a bunch of kids messing around with summoning demons, and one character's fondness for explaining the flaws in Western religion's theology, I had to play this one on the down low when my religious parents were around -- which of course just increased its mystique.

While ranking these games I went back to the original PS1 edition and a sad realization dawned on me: this game has not aged well.

Though groundbreaking at the time, It's kind of difficult to play at this point due to the clunky controls, and some of the graphics (particularly when navigating outside or through the labyrinthine hallways of high school dungeons) are sort of spectacularly bad.

Some of those kinks are worked out with the '09 PSP port, although going that route also loses some of the charm of the original sounds and cut scenes.

Published Apr. 12th 2017

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