Paladins Introduces New Hero and Map

Paladins has added Jenos, the Ascended, a support Champion, and the Splitstone Quarry map to the game's ever-growing roster.

First-person shooter/multiplayer online battle arena hybrid Paladins has just gotten several big reveals from developer Hi-Rez Studios at DreamHack Valencia. These announcements include a new champion and map, some gameplay updates, and even a little treat for fans who tune into Twitch streams of the tournaments happening at DreamHack this weekend.

First and foremost, Paladins is getting a new Champion: Jenos, the Ascended, a support Champion with "an astral flair". The new Champion is the 10th released so far this year, and the 30th added to the roster over the game's lifetime. Hi-Rez Studios says the growing roster of Champions for this shooter reflects the studio's "commitment to constant updates and new content".

Hi-Rez also announced a new map: Splitstone Quarry, which is the polished version of a map previously available in Paladins' test map queue. The test map queue allows players to beta-test rough maps, and help Hi-Rez Studios to update and improve maps based on player feedback.

The studio also announced that the Champion Ruckus, a goblin in a mech suit, is getting a visual overhaul. This update is meant to "better root him in Paladins’ vibrant fantasy world." The new visual feel is also intended to reflect Ruckus' origins as a miner in the new Splitstone Quarry map.

Last but not least, Maeve fans have a chance to score the DreamHack Maeve skin, exclusively available through Twitch drops on the Paladins Twitch Channel or through DreamHack events.

To accompany all these new announcements, Paladins introduced a new cinematic trailer as well, which you can watch below:

Jenos the Ascended and Splitstone Quarry will go live in Paladins with Open Beta 55 in about 2 weeks. 


Published Jul. 13th 2017

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