Original Pokemon virtual console release sells over 1.5 million units worldwide

The virtual console re-releases of Pokemon Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green sold over 1.5 million worldwide.

Nintendo has reported that the virtual console releases of Pokémon Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green (Japan only) have sold over 1.5 million units. Their earnings report from the previous fiscal year also shows that most downloads were from the American market. 

The original release of Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) was in 1996 for the Game Boy. The titles, developed by Gamefreak and featuring art from Ken Sugimori, introduced players to the concept of fighting, catching, and training monsters. Over time as new releases launched, these first entries in the Pokemon series became known among fans as Generation 1.

Generation 1 introduced the original 150 (151 counting Mew) monsters and gameplay features core to the series' design. Battle relies upon the rock, paper, scissors weakness system among 15 different types of Pokémon. The concept of having version-exclusive creatures was created as well. The story follows a boy leaving home to experience the world at large. Our protagonist meets a rival, battles gym leaders, and foils a nefarious organization on his quest to become the champion. 

As the series celebrates its 20 year anniversary, Pokemon is still popular as ever.


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Published Apr. 28th 2016

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