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Are you stumped on what to buy your gamer, bookworm friend? Perhaps you are looking for something to gladden their hearts. You don't have to look any further, as we have found the perfect comics and books for gamers across the globe. 

We promise you won't be disappointed by the high level of literary value and artistic merit of the items we have found for you. These comics/books don't just encompass a video game universe, they stand on their own. For example, one of the books on this list is one my granddad loves to read, and he's never even played the game series. 

Sit back, relax, and hopefully find a book/comic to keep you company! 

Dragon Age

Price: $33.38
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The books are primarily what I will be talking about as, in my opinion, they far exceed the literary value that the comics have achieved. Most of the series is written by David Gaider who, until this year, was the lead writer for the Dragon Age game series.

The books are incredibly well written and delve into the stories of well-known and loved characters -- stories about Maric and Loghain, Duncan’s connection to the Ferelden royal family, and Wynne. Characters that always had an ambiguous air that made you want to know about their lives. These books aren’t just trying to thrive off the popularity of Dragon Age; they are stunning pieces of fiction in their own right, making fantastic gifts for your bookworm, gamer friend.


The Witcher by Andrezj Sapkowski

Price: $25.33
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The Witcher game as we know it would never have been the intense and intriguing story it is without its source material. The entire inspiration for the world comes from Sapkowski’s books, while much of the third game builds directly on the series itself.

The Witcher books help you understand Geralt’s anxiety against those in power, explains his relationship with Yen, and reveal how he came to know Ciri. It’s an incredibly important series, and once you read it, you’ll start seeing references all the time throughout the game.


The Halo Graphic Novel

Price: $3.22
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This is the perfect gift for any die-hard Halo fan, as it's not just composed of stories that reference and relate back to Master Chief, but include numerous pieces of art. The entire graphic novel was contributed to by a variety of writers and artists who have been directly involved in the making of the game.

This creates a strong bond with the game and allows for amazing continuity between the game and the comic book. It is an incredibly easy read, and it is a gift that your friend will want to go back to consistently.


Assassin's Creed: Forsaken 

Price: $9.74
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This is the only book in this guide where I wouldn't recommend the other installments in the series. Most of them follow what happened in the game, and once you've played it, you certainly don't want to read that all again. 

Forsaken is different, as it follows Haytham Kenway (Connor's father), and you begin to understand how he became a Templar and what drove him to make those decisions. It's a fantastic book for shedding light on an otherwise unknown character. Plus, it is perfect for any hardcore fans of Assassin's Creed.


Half-Life: A Place in the West

Price: $1.49 per episode
Buy it on: Steam

This is for anyone who is a Half-Life fan -- and let's face it, who isn't? -- who has been waiting for a new game for forever (since it would appear we are not getting one, at least anytime soon). 

However, you don't have to wait for a new game to get a hold of exceptional Half-Life content. Although a fairly recent addition to the series, and not by the creators of Half-Life, it has already been praised as capturing the universe and creating a compelling story. 


Mass Effect

Price: $7.19
Buy it on: Amazon

Mass Effect is another BioWare game that truly captures the heart of fans who play it. Everyone always wants more content and wants to learn more about the vast universe that is present in Mass Effect. Just like the Dragon Age books, you will return to familiar compelling characters, learning their stories, opinions, and emotions as you go. 

This is a fantastic gift for any Mass Effect fan, and there are tons of installments in the series, with many different topics being covered throughout. 


God of War

Price: $14.75
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Kratos is a deeply troubled soul -- many say downright cruel and unforgiving -- obsessed with his brutal hunt for the Greek Gods. However, the God of War comic goes into more explicit detail about his life before the events of the game and what transpired during that time period.

With the next installment coming soon to PS4, now is a perfect time to jump back into some God of War and relive the magic before an entirely new experience hits the shelf. 


These are some of the best video game comics and books out there to date. If you've been stuck looking for the best gift for someone who loves books and video games, then you don't need to be stuck anymore. 

We hope our list has made your shopping that much easier and brings joy to everyone's gaming hearts. 

What was your favourite comic/book on our list? Are there any you love that we didn't include? Let us know in the comments below. 

Published Dec. 18th 2017



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