5 Settings That Would Be Perfect for the Next Total War Game

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The Total War franchise from Creative Assembly has always been an enjoyable one. Its combination of a unique geopolitical campaign mode and real-time strategy battles has left many wanting more, and looking eagerly toward the next iteration in the series.

Given that Creative Assembly just released Total War: Warhammer earlier this year, we may have some time before the next Total War game comes out. But that doesn't mean we can't dream. Here are a few ideas we'd like to see become the basis of the next game in the series, whenever that time comes. 

American Total War

While the Revolutionary War was featured in Empire Total War, the history of America is so storied that the developers have not even scratched the surface of what can be done. The French and Indian Wars, the Mexican-American War, and the Civil War could all be featured in a Total War game. 

One difficulty would be picking a timetable for the game, and there simply aren't enough factions to make for an interesting campaign mode. It's not exactly like all the different native tribes had massive armies with them.

Total War: Gospel, Gold, Glory

While again Empire Total War mentioned the Caribbean and the British conquest of India, imagine a Total War based on Europe's conquest of the East. The conquest of places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the New World surely has an interesting history. And while it is highly unlikely, it would still be unique and different -- not to mention intriguing -- to see them in the franchise.


Thirty Years' Total War

You would think that one of the most destructive conflicts in European history would be have its own game in the franchise, but that hasn't happened yet. It's a shame, really.

The mix of medieval warfare with basic cannons and guns would be an interesting dichotomy. There are enough factions in the game for this to be a realistic campaign, given that almost all of Europe played a part in the war. I would not rule this one out just yet.

Total World War

If Battlefield can make a game on World War 1, that proves it is not impossible. It's quite baffling how few games there are about World War 1 compared to World War 2.

This one is also a likely possibility, as the many different belligerents in the war creates an interesting mix. The addition of trench warfare and the concept of "No Man's Land" would for sure turn out well in a Total War game.


Total Warhammer: 40K

Seeing as Total War: Warhammer was released this year, it would make sense that the Creative Assembly would also be interested in the 40K series. Imagine battles between Space Marines, Titans, the Imperial Guard, the Tyrannids, the forces of Chaos, and more.

This one is also likely, and I would not rule this out as a possibility.

These are just a few of the wars I think would be perfect for the next entry in the Total War series. Each of them would bring something interesting to the table. But for right now, nothing is set in stone. Still, we can hope until we hear news of where the franchise will go from here. 

Published Oct. 14th 2016


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