The Top 10 Games to Play With Your Mom

Moms want to spend time with their kids. Here are 10 games that may get your mom to start asking you to join a game.

Mothers day is here. Your mom wants to spend time with you. You want to spend time with your mom. However, you don't have to do another brunch at the garden club. You could introduce mom to a bit of your world. Here are 10 games that will make the experience fun for both of you and provide a backdrop for bonding with mom.

My goal was to find a wide range of games. Every mom and child combo will be different, but I'm confident that you can find something in this list to work with! If you think a game should be added, let me know in the comments.

Note: Nothing in this article should be taken to imply that moms can't be good at video games. A mom who is already experienced with video games does not need a top 10 list. I'm assuming your mom has some things to learn.

#10: Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a genre defining game for multi-player party fun. It is wildly entertaining, easy to pickup, has some challenge for mastery and has enough randomness to keep things interesting even for skilled players.

#9: Portal

Portal 2 may be an oddball here, but it is possibly one of the greatest co-op games ever made. So, if you and your mom enjoy playing it, you have a fantastic experience ahead of you.

#8: Hearts

My survey of moms lead me to the conclusion that Hearts was very popular among the older mom crowd. has a multi-player version and you and your mom can jump right in.

#7: Angry Birds

My focus in this series is on co-op games and while Angry Birds is a single player game I think it belongs. First, Angry Birds has defined casual games on mobile devices. So, this could be the gateway drug your mom needs if she is not a gamer already. Second, when your mom beats your high score you will be swapping the phone back and forth immediately.

#6: Terminator Salvation Arcade

I hear you already, you're saying: "How in the hell am I supposed to play a Terminator standup shooting game with MY MOM!?!?!". Well, this was added to the list based on the recommendation of my wife, who is also a mom. Is she biased? Maybe, but hey, I convened a focus group.

#5: Castle Crashers

When you read this article title, you didn't immediately think of Castle Crashers. However consider that if you have 3 leveled up characters the relative contribution of the 4th isn't really noticed. Your mom can wander around, swinging at rocks just like my 4 year old does, while you and the rest of the party beat heads. If she ends up being good at the game, and she probably will since it is easy to master the basics, then it is more head crushing awesomeness for everyone.

#4: Team Fortress 2

Yes, I know TF2 is an FPS. FPS games are most decidedly not the normal venue for moms. However, TF2 has two critical elements. 1. It requires Steam so you have an excuse to get mom to install it. 2. It is free to play, so mom can't claim that the $60 entry fee is why she doesn't want to try it. Get mom in game and get making giblets.

#3: Minecraft

Mom may not immediately "get" Minecraft. However, I know more than a few families who have their mom, themselves and their children on a Minecraft server where they just build things and chat. For them, Minecraft is hugely conducive to being a part of each other's lives.

#2: Mario Party

Mario Party is the father and mother of casual party play. There is also a version available for just about every Nintendo platform ever made. If your mom can't derive some fun from one of these games then check for a pulse.

#1: Words with Friends

Words with Friends is Scrabble that you play on your phone, iPad or whatever other platform it is on. Words with Friends is a fun game, can be played asynchronously, and you can chat. You can interact with your mom, but not have to respond instantly. It is a win for everyone.

Moms are Awesome

Whatever gaming you and your mom enjoy, have fun this mother's day and make sure you celebrate the woman who raised you and all of the mothers in your life. Mom's come in all shapes and sizes, but they all want to keep in touch with their children. I hope that this list helps you do that.


Stephen is the founder of and A life-long gamer who enjoys RTSs, MMOs, RPGs, City Builders, 4x games and FPSs on easy mode. He also enjoys introducing his children to the wonderful world of gaming.

Published Oct. 27th 2017
  • HuskyDragonWolvez
    Pretty good article, Stephen, but nothing my mom hasn't played with me.
    We've played Mario Kart, Mario Party 8, Castle Crashers and she's played TF2 with my brother, and we have no interest in pseudo-boardgames, and I just don't like boardgames in general.

    The one we've played the most so far is Minecraft. I installed so many mods that the game is amplified ten-fold. The problem is that we have nothing else to do in it, we already have a gigantic treehouse thanks to the big trees mod, a stack and a half of diamond, nearly every ore the Mo' Shizz mod has to offer, six dragons, two horses, seven cats, a nether portal, an aether portal, a gigantic mine, countless OP pickaxes, a god-sword, an enchantment table, a pool, enchanted diamond armor with wings, we've explored pretty much everywhere around, and much more. We need a game where there's always something new to do. And no, Terraria isn't going to be much different.
    My mom has seen me play games where I raise dragons, like my favorite iPad game, Dragon Village 2. It's kinda Pokémon-ish. She wants something like that, like multiplayer Pokémon or multiplayer DragonVale.

    We also like games like The Binding of Issac, Spelunky, Legend of Zelda: OoT, LoZ: Wind Waker and Rock Band 3.

    So yeah, multiplayer Pokémon, basically. With no goal, so there's not an ending, maybe something we can raise together and always work towards. Any suggestions?

    (Sorry about the TL;DR post... ^^;)
  • Puzer
    If you have Android phone you must try jumping puzzles LapsoBOX!
  • Carey_8494
    This is a sweet, unique article. =) My kids got Portal 2 this week. Maybe I will have to check it out.
  • McLain Anderson
    Awesome article Stephen! The one game I was ever able to get my mom to play was Mario Kart. That game is always a blast to play :)

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