Driveclub receives Patch 1.21

See what the latest Driveclub patch has to offer

Driveclub, the PlayStation 4 driving simulator has been on some rough terrain. 

When it was released last year, after many delays, it was plagued with game breaking bugs. Since then, developer Evolution Studios has been patching things up.

Patch 1.21 adds:

  • 12 new "SPRINT" track variations
  • Elite driver level boosted up to 77
  • The Rimac Auto and VUHL 05 performances are improved
  • Adds support for Thurstmaster manual gear shifter
  • Car statistics are now detailed on the vehicle select screen
  • New default order of cars for the vehicle select screen
  • Rebalance of the frequency of wet weather and night-time events
  • Added club leader boards to all Tour events 
  • Option to filter your friends on your friends list to show only Driveclub players
  • Includes general performance and stability improvements

Among a plethora of issues Evolution Studios has ironed out in Driveclub, a free version for Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription service was promised nearly a year ago and still hasn't been released. Although it has gained a significant following in the past several months, Driveclub still has an uphill battle. 


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Published Aug. 19th 2015

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