Top 10 Myths and Facts About Armor in Video Games

Myth #5: Full Metal Jacket

We are all familiar with full metal power armor from Fallout and OctoCamo costume from Metal Gear Solid series of games. This particular type of armor is made of smart particles that is both resistant to damage and is as flexible as normal cloth. Additionally, it can activate mimic mode, thus becoming invisible to the enemies.

Obviously, if this type of armor existed now it would be a dream come true for modern soldiers. However, nanotechnology is still in its early stage of development, so we probably won’t see anything similar in the near future.

Today you can see something like full-body bullet-proof costumes that consist of many metal plates covering different parts of the body, but these things are extremely heavy and hardly anyone is capable of wearing them in the battlefield.

Published Apr. 16th 2016

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