DICE Outlines Post-Launch Plan for Battlefield 5

Ahead of the FPS's November 20 launch, DICE has shared details on Tides of War, a live service that includes the first three post-release content updates.

While Battlefield V is set to launch (on November 20) with a variety of maps, gear, and single-player content, DICE is already giving fans a peak at what they can expect from post-launch updates.

Chapter 1: Overture is the first of these updates, and it will be available from the beginning of December through January.

Plans for Overture include:

  • A new, tank-focused map in Belgium
  • More single-player campaign with War Stories: The Last Tiger
  • The Practice Range, a game mode that will allow players to hone their skills in relative safety
  • Vehicle skins
  • Weekly events and rewards

Chapter 2: Lightning Strike is set for January to March, and it has "a focus on vehicle warfare and rapid infantry movement."

Specifically, Lighting Strike will introduce:

  • Combined Arms, a series of co-op missions that will pit four players against AI enemies
  • A new take on the franchise's Rush game-mode (available only during Lightning Strike)
  • Squad Conquest, a 16-player game mode focused on capturing and defending points across the map (also available only during Lightning Strike)
  • Weekly events and rewards

And finally, March brings Chapter 3: Trial By Fire, the beginning of Battlefield V's battle royale game mode: Firestorm

Regarding Battlefield's foray into the increasingly popular genre, DICE elaborates:

Mix a shrinking playing field with trademark Battlefield elements such as team play, powerful vehicles, and destruction, and you get many unique Battlefield moments coming your way.

Additionally, Trial By Fire introduces a new map in Greece and weekly events and rewards.

Beyond these first three chapters, DICE is committed to introducing even more gear, game modes, and maps.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for further details on these additions as they develop.


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Published Oct. 24th 2018

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