Aqueduct Adds 30 FREE New Levels for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Kieffer Bros has added thirty (30) FREE levels to Aqueduct, one of the BEST puzzle games available for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch, making it a better value than ever!

In the midst of the iOS7 release, Kieffer Bros added thirty--count them, thirty!--FREE new levels to Aqueduct, easily one of the best puzzle games available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, making it an even better value than ever! I first fell in love with the game on my iPad, but I played all the new levels through on my iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1.3 (10B329, if you care), just to make sure that users with the smaller screen and who have not yet upgraded to iOS7 will be equally happy with the new content.

They will.

I have to applaud Kieffer Bros for their superb quality in all around game design: from the graphics to the game play to the engine that drives it, this title has always been top notch in every aspect and the new levels are no exception. The play is just as fast and smooth as ever, even if you don't have a snazzy new iPhone 5S, and the designs range from fun to mentally excruciating. (Level 24 looks simple doesn't it? Well it is, and then again it isn't...)

There is a completely free version of the game in the App Store if you want to try it first: Aqueduct 101, but the paid version of Aqueduct is more than worth the $2.99.

(If you find yourself stuck on a level but you want to work it out yourself without looking up a solution, the following are some general game play tips that might help.)

General Hints & Tips on Finding Solutions

Move excess tiles away from the area you are working on.

The game designers love to confuse your working area by cluttering it up with movable tiles that don't belong there. If you're having trouble seeing a solution, try moving any mobile tiles away from the static ones so you can better see your work space.

Start with your limitations.

The key to many of these puzzles is figuring out what your limitations are. Some tiles, for example, may be stuck within a certain area and can not be moved out of it by any means. This can allow you to break down the puzzle by area into smaller, more manageable sections.

You don't have to use all the tiles.

Any solution in which every faucet is connected to at least one drain and every drain is connected to at least one faucet with no "leaks" in the line(s) is a valid solution. If you leave out tiles, so be it. Some boards have more than one solution, and some boards are designed to be more difficult by providing tiles you don't need. Don't be fooled into thinking that you always need to use every tile.

If the game seems too easy, just wait...

As in any well-designed game, the early boards teach you the basics. If you want a real challenge, try the "skull" boards--the last chapter in the "home" tab. Hashtag shudder. Hashtag rip your hair out. Hashtag crawl into the closet and rock back and forth.

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Kieffer Bros has added thirty (30) FREE levels to Aqueduct, one of the BEST puzzle games available for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch, making it a better value than ever!

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Published Sep. 28th 2013

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