Pokémon Uranium Download Removed from Website by Creators

The free full-length Pokémon fan game that took 9 years to develop has been removed by the creators own volition due to legal concerns.

Pokémon Uranium, the unofficial Pokémon fan game developed by JV and Involuntary Twitch, has had it's download links removed from the official website by the creators themselves.

The game contains over 150 new Pokémon as well as a new Pokémon type called Nuclear. It took 9 whole years to develop and had already been downloaded over 1.5 million times before the links were taken down. This was after only being fully released last week.

The creators of the game have released an official statement on Pokémon Uranium's Twitter page explaining their reasoning for taking eliminating downloads.


The general gist of their statement is that they have been notified by others of multiple takedown notices from lawyers that represented Nintendo of America (although they have not been personally contacted themselves); And have decided to respect their wishes and remove their official download links. 

While the official channels of receiving the game are gone, the game itself is not. The creators also stated that they will continue to update the community with news about the game as it happens, and that discussion of the game, as well as sharing it through content on forums and YouTube, will be supported and welcomed by them.

The fate of the game being available to download at a later date is still up in the air for now, but with the support of the devoted developers and the growing fan base, this will likely not be the last that we hear about Pokémon Uranium. 



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Published Aug. 13th 2016

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