PC is Still Most Popular For Devs, but Consoles are Catching Up

PC is still the most popular platform among developers, but the new consoles are gaining some traction as well.

In a recent survey done by the Games Developers Conference, it's been shown that PC trumps the consoles in terms of developer popularity. In other news, water is wet and the sun will rise tomorrow.

Just kidding. 

In the (actual) GDC survey, 26% of developers stated that they were working on a PS4 game, and 22% stated that they were working on an Xbox One game. Both of these numbers are up at least 10% from last year's figures, but neither can compare to the numbers for PC.

PC sits at the top of the list, with 56% of developers stating that they're working on a game for PC. Although this is only a 3% increase from last year, you don't always see much growth when you're at the top.

The tablet/mobile market sits just behind PC's popularity for developers at 50% (down slightly from last year's 52%).

[Note: The numbers above aren't completely accurate, as they don't account for exclusives, so its possible those games could be released on multiple platforms.]


The increasing number of developers working on PS4 or Xbox One games probably has to do with the increasing popularity of those consoles. More and more next-gen consoles ship out and as the consumers start to move on from the last generation of consoles.

29% of developers reported that their next game will be on the PS4, and 24% for the Xbox One.These numbers are both up at least 7% from last year's survey, but these numbers are trumped again by PC, which has claimed 53% of upcoming dev projects. 

PCs are sitting snug at the top when it comes to developer popularity, whether it be for current games or future games, but the consoles are slowly catching up.


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Published Jan. 17th 2015
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I would think it's because consoles are getting closer and closer to just being PC's... Really they are, just with dumbed down and tailored OS's.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    And the CPU architecture of the new consoles is x86-x64 which is the same as almost all gaming compatible computers out there, most notably Windows machines.

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