Star Fox Zero coming to Wii U on November 20

Nintendo's announcing multiple release dates, such as two amiibo and Star Fox Zero.

The game everyone said they knew was going to be announced (or "knew" because their dad worked at Nintendo) has finally got it's release date.

Along with the boxart the boxart, Nintendo has announced that Star Fox Zero will be coming to the US and Europe on November 20th. Yeah, that's right. Both the US and Europe will be getting the game at the same time.

For anyone who needs a referesher, Star Fox Zero is the sixth installment to the Star Fox franchise. It's been nine years since we had an original Star Fox title so live it up while you can and get ready to enter Corneria in beautiful HD along with Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Peppy (but where's Krystal in all of this?). The game features multiple vehicles, four in total; the Arwing, the Landmaster, the Walker and a new hovercraft called the Gyrowing along with a few skins for anyone who has an amiibo.

The E3 trailer can be seen below:


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Published Aug. 24th 2015

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