Evoland: A Quick Review

Evoland wants to take you through the evolution of video games.

Evoland is a very fun game in both concept and execution. Throughout the game, you will be taken on a journey through the evolution of video games over the years. 

Because "Evoland = Evolution Land". 

The game starts out in a retro gameplay style. Similar to the original Legend Of Zelda, you start out as a young boy named Clink -- whose name is rather close to that of our favorite Hyrule hero. 

Through the game, you will see two main combat styles -- including an over-world random encounter (much like Final Fantasy), and dungeon crawling similar to Legend of Zelda and Diablo.

Like most games, it is dangerous to go alone. So early on in the story you will have a heroine join your party. Throughout the game you also receive new items that help you to solve some basic puzzles you will come across while in dungeons.

But if saving the world starts being a little too much to handle, take a load off and play a game of Double Down! -- Evoland's very own TCG game.

It is up to you to save the world of Evoland from the forthcoming shadow set to destroy your home. Whether you wish to complete the main story, which clocks in at around 3-5 hours, or go for 100% completion (including Collecting Stars & Double Down Cards), this game has a lot to offer and will leave a positive impression on you.

I look forward to playing Evoland 2 very soon. If you would like to see the game in action, check out my full playthrough/walkthrough playlist on my YouTube channel.

Written By: Kody Storm

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Evoland wants to take you through the evolution of video games.
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Published May. 18th 2016
  • AwesumPawsum
    Only 3-5 hours? I should pick this game back up. I played it for about an hour and hung it up, but I really liked the concept and how fast everything improves.

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