Minecraft Crossplay is Coming to PlayStation 4 — Finally

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is finally coming to the PlayStation 4, bringing crossplay with it.

Mojang has announced that the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft is being updated to the Bedrock version on December 10. That means Minecraft on PS4 will finally get cross-play.

Minecraft Bedrock is the version found on other consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. After installing the Bedrock update on PS4, you can join friends across any and every modern platform Minecraft runs on.

PlayStation 4 Minecraft players will now have access to the Minecraft Marketplace, which offers a wide range of things like skins, mini-games, and more to enhance the Minecraft experience.

It's a big deal for Minecraft fans and an even bigger step forward for Sony, the company that only just a few months ago still stubbornly refused to implement cross platform play for major titles.

This is ahead of tomorrow's State of Play as well, so that's one thing we know won't take up much or any time of the presentation's 20 minutes.

Fans hoping for more Minecraft goodness won't have too much longer to wait, either: Minecraft Dungeons is set to its Diablo-inspired action to consoles in April 2020.

The full announcement for Bedrock and crossplay on PS4 was released on the PlayStation Blog. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Minecraft news as it gets crafted.


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Published Dec. 9th 2019

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