NES Classic Edition Sells Out in Record Time

Nintendo's remake of its original console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has sold out everywhere.

Nintendo has hit a home run with remaking their original Nintendo Entertainment system (NES) console, and releasing it for sale right as the holiday season starts. Not offering the NES Classic Edition and its 30 pre-installed games for pre-order caused shoppers to rush toward online and physical stores, looking to secure their unit. This led to the NES Classic Edition selling out in record time -- a mere 5 minutes. 

For many, the bundle carries with it a sense of nostalgia, as most current gamers first played on the NES console. Coming with 30 games, including classics like Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., and NINJA GAIDEN, fans have a chance to relive those favorite games that made them gamers. The bundle also comes with one controller, AC adapter and HDMI cable. The mix of nostalgia and modern compatibility made this NES a hot commodity for gamers everywhere.

For those willing to pay the price, Ebay already has a slew of offerings from sellers that snagged the NES Classic Edition to resell it. Those not willing to pay the price will have to sit tight until online stocks have been refreshed. Unfortunately the timeline on that happening is unknown, as most carriers had limited quantities to begin with. 

Let the waiting games begin. 


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Published Nov. 11th 2016

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