Capcom Bans Player over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Capcom bans Noel Brown from the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour due to sexual harassment allegations.

This past weekend, Capcom received a notification about an unfortunate sexual harassment case during the Combo Breaker 2016 event -- part of their Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Events. A female attendee was subjected to unwarranted and wanted contact from a male attendee, who was confirmed to be Noel Brown.

Fortunately, the incident was captured on camera during a live stream before the Street Fighter V Losers Finals Match. Capcom has worked with the tournament organizers to confirm all the details, and has gotten in contact with the victim (who wishes to remain anonymous) and confirmed that the act was not consensual.

In order to promote a safe environment and to condone any future acts of harassment, Capcom has banned Noel Brown from the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour Season as a first offense. A second offense will result in a lifetime ban in all future Capcom Pro Tour events. These penalties will be considered by Capcom as the baseline punishments towards any similar instances in the future.


Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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