Phoenix Point: First Screenshot Revealed

Snapshot Games releases the first screenshot of their newest game -- Phoenix Point.

Snapshot Games has just released the first screenshot of its newest title, Phoenix Point. The game comes from the mind of Julian Gollop, the creator of the original X-COM and (more recently) Chaos Reborn. Julian Gollop founded Snapshot Games with David Kaye in 2013. Three years later, this new game will be a tactical, turn based affair with a world-based strategic overlay.

Few details have emerged on Snapshot's latest game; however, we do have the very first screenshot to tide us over until more is revealed. We also know that the game will feature large-scale monsters to fight, and that your soldiers will be able to target certain parts of them during combat. That will be an important aspect of combat.

An example given on the game's Facebook page reveals one monster called the Crab Queen. It states:

"The Crab Queen has a black mist ejector in its abdomen. If it is disabled the queen will no longer be able to eject mist which summons reinforcements and gives them cover. Shooting out its face will send it into a blind frenzy, rendering it unable to direct attacks or movement."

The game appears to be following a sci-fi horror theme, and if Julian Gollop's past releases are any indication, we can expect a deep strategic game with hints of X-COM and plenty of cinematic battles. More details will certainly emerge after the game's full reveal at E3 later this month. Keep an eye on the game's official website for more information.  

Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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