Video Games Save the Day for... Libraries?

When's the last time you took a trip to your local library to play a video game? Or read a book? Go show your local library some love! Be sure to bring the kids!

Imagine walking into your local, quiet library. You see people reading their favorite books, looking for their favorite books, walking out with their favorite books, and...playing their favorite video games?!

Libraries across the country are now "adding video games to their lending catalogs", which are "saving the system". That makes perfect sense since there are things like Kindle and Nook that make it cheaper, faster, easier and more clutter-free to read books now. So why would libraries stick around when we're in the midst of a "go paperless" revolution?

To serve as the new epicenter of gaming headquarters, of course! And the best part is that it's FREE! Minus a library card...

Most libraries are "now offering gaming events in the library itself" which is "driving up interest in books." Libraries across the country now have popular game consoles and video games that are attracting more business. What a great idea!

This way, libraries will stick around and become an important part of the gaming culture. So now kids and teens can meet other kids and teens who enjoy gaming. They can talk about gaming, read about gaming, and best of all, play games! And at the library for free! Wi-fi, which is available at most (if not all) local libraries, also draws a lot of business. Don't have internet at home? Just go to your local library and surf the web there! Can't get there? Ask Mom and Dad! Go as a family. And if you get a little bored while at the library, why not play a video game? Or read a book about video games?

Only a small percentage of libraries in the country lend out video games (which might not require ID for those who are seeking a Mature-rated game, so parents be aware!), but most allow patrons to enjoy video games at the facility. I think that's better since the library staff can monitor which kids are playing which games.

It sounds like libraries are slowly but surely making an interesting comeback!

Published Aug. 16th 2013

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