StreetPass is Going Big Until April 26: Tons of New Nintendo Zones and Mii Plaza Updates

It's International StreetPass Week! For ten days!

Weee, it’s the first International StreetPass Week (or Weekend) since last Halloween!  Until April 26, you can StreetPass up to six Miis at a time from around the world when you stop by a Nintendo Zone location, including “special Mii characters” like Satoru Shibata or Reggie Fils-Aime in gold pants!

What’s a Nintendo Zone?  Glad you asked, kids!  Any Best Buy, major airport that uses Boingo Wireless, AT&T Wireless hotspot, or Nintendo World store, plus some other megachains like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, or McDonald’s. Try a few different places and check your StreetPassing every so often; Nintendo Zones tend to sort of blink in and out of existence.

Along with International StreetPass Week, Mii Plaza is getting a major update and we’re seeing two new StreetPass games – Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z.  In Ultimate Angler, each Mii gives you another kind of bait to catch 150 kinds of fish (no, you’re not using your friends as bait; that’s Mii cruelty). In Battleground Z, fight hordes of zombies with items based on your Mii friends’ hobbies.  Now go outside and meet (digital) people!

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Published Jun. 11th 2020

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