Twitch Streaming PS4's The Playroom has Opened an Internet Pandora's Box

Sony's PlayStation 4 has introduced the next generation of Chat Roulette.

So have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning to find a bunch of texts on your phone from your buddies about a crazy Friday night? That's pretty much what is happening to me right now. exploded last night with one stream even breaking 200,000 views with Sony's own Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes among the viewers.

Let me rewind things back a bit. Sony's PlayStation 4 has the ability to instantly stream to via the share function... something we all pretty much knew was a way to share our gaming experiences with others. Well that all changed last night. Apparently nobody at Sony or Twitch took into much consideration that using the share function for The Playroom basically gives anyone the ability to broadcast full screen live video (albeit mirrored).

This lead to a creative couple from Spokane, Washington to make The Spartan Show. Through the use of Twitch streaming The Playroom, they created a live internet talk show that was taking live callers. One of those callers was none other than Sony's own Adam Boyes, who congratulated the couple on making the show. Sony knows good PR when they see it... and Shuhei Yoshida was quick to join in as well.

This is history in the making and a new technology being used in a unique way that was not the original intention.

So of course... a bunch of other people have to go fuck that up!

A (dirty) laundry list of bad deeds ensued through out the night on Twitch. Men stripped their passed out wives nude, a lot of drugs were used and showcased, and there was even some public urination. Thanks to some quick action from Twitch, most of those consoles were banned... but the damage is already done. 

This kind of lewd behavior is nothing new to Twitch. There's been girls playing League of Legends in the nude and the like... but the ease of use of Twitch on PS4 is an entirely new beast. This allows anyone to stream online publicly from any room in their house. Also this isn't a computer... it's a gaming console... and kids play gaming consoles.

Remember the story just two weeks ago about Nintendo discontinuing Swapnote to protect children from predators? With well over a million PS4 units in homes around the world and The Playroom pre-installed on all of them, this is a big concern. Thankfully the PS4 camera has to be purchased separately, so that cuts down the numbers quite a bit. However Xbox One has a mandatory Kinect in every box, with a similar Twitch app coming next year.

This is definitely going to be a major point of debate, and without a doubt going to be all over the mainstream press in the next week or so. For actual footage of last night, you can watch my video recap below.

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Published Nov. 23rd 2013
  • LikeButta_3584
    Just a little note: Spokane is pronounced Spo-can. :)
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    LOL thanks :) a couple people pointed that out to me... I'm doing my next video either today or tomorrow so I'll make an editorial note ;)
  • Thewickerman07
    Well it's nice to see you guys agree with me, I love my ps4 and the twitch app integration and I just don't want to see it taken away or something like that. Well hey if you guys are on psn my ID is thewickerman7
  • bob_4629
    I've been following some Playroom streams and it never fails to surprise me how careless people still are when exposing themselves on the internet. They seem unaware that creeps are watching them and already started recording the streams. I watched some kids playing with the robots and it was cute and fun. The chat however was filled with inappropriate stuff and I don't understand how a parent can read this, shrug it off and still keep streaming.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    I agree... but what I found worse were either unsupervised children streaming or like pre-teen boys and girls streaming alone from their bedrooms. I was actually having a nice discussion with a kid that was maybe 15 about Assassin's creed... then of course someone had to come and say a bunch of nasty stuff.
  • bob_4629
    Yeah, parental supervision is the key. Well I expect that mainstream media will pick up the topic any time so at least it will be brought to attention.
  • Thewickerman07
    why do people always have to screw up a cool thing, always doing drugs on video and letting millions of people see it thats just really stupid. really why would anyone even want to see that. or people pissing yeah cool not really. i just dont get it why why why screw up good things.?
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    I think for a lot of these people they just don't understand the technology... they've never had a camera sitting there live streaming to the internet. Twitch has been pretty ban crazy, on my next video I'm editing together an epic collection of bans I recorded as they were happening.

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