EGX 2015: Best Games of the Show

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With EGX 2015 done and dusted, and swept too, as there was a lot of rubbish on the floors, I'm sure everyone is eager to know what the best games of the show were. Clicking on the game's title will take you to the daily roundup page, which will tell you more about the game, as I'm only going to be talking about why the games are great.

Only one of these games is ‘AAA’, coming from Square Enix, and the other three are all indie titles. Two of these indie titles have to do with music, but deal with it in vastly different ways. And the final one is a multiplayer shooter, which doesn’t mean its first or third person, but it could be.

Now to keep the suspense, I have to caveat everything I’m about to say with a simple note. The actual best game of the show was Elite: Dangerous running on the HTC Vive, but that’s more because of the hardware than because of the game. This also means the HTC Vive was my favorite part of the show, but it’s hardware, not software.

On with the show! I mean slideshow, or list… whichever you prefer.

Published Sep. 30th 2015

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