Fantasy Life: The Review

Fantasy Life is a 3DS RPG game released in December 2012, the game features 12 career paths that you can swap between to achieve higher ranks in each career.

I have really enjoyed playing Fantasy Life. And having just unlocked the Origin Island DLC gameplay (you had to be level 50 to start it) I'm really enjoying that too. The DLC introduces new characters, locations and quests, and only cost a small price (£7.19/$10.99AU.)

One of the reasons why the game is so good is due to the fact that there is so much to do -- gameplay, quests, sidequests etc --  meaning you can carry on enjoying the game for a long time. There are also so many different ways to play as you can focus on one career or many. The game was everything I expected and more, the perfect amount of challenge, requiring you to have to build up before you can defeat certain monsters, etc. By this I mean it takes time, strategy (and maybe a few attempts) to beat certain bosses. You have to take the time to earn XP.

I found this game to be very similar to Dragon Quest (one of my absolute favourites), only better. The reason for this is that in Dragon Quest you are only able to be a fighter, and maybe make a few potions or amour. This means that if you want that super powerful sword you will have to save up. In Fantasy Life all you need to do is gather the materials to make your own weapons. It is very easy to make money as you can sell what you make -- again another reason why I like this game.

The Gameplay

The 12 career paths are: Paladin, Mercenary, Chef, Hunter, Tailor, Magician, Alchemist, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Angler, Woodcutter, and Miner. You start as a Fledgling in all of these careers when you do the tutorial quest.  The goal is to achieve 'God' status. This is done by speaking to Divinus once you have achieved 'Legend' status in a specific career (providing you have bought the Origin Island DLC.) This does lead to one of the few problems with the game. You can only use certain weapons with specific careers. (You speak to a guild master to change career.)

As a Paladin you are one of the guards or protectors of Castele (where you live). The sort of challenges you have to complete in this career are things such as killing a certain amount of monsters, or defeating a boss.

The Mercenary career is practically the same as a Paladin (similar challenges) only you do not work for the king. The same goes for Hunters and Magicians, but using different weapons (bow and arrow/ magic staff.) 

Careers such as Tailor, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Alchemist, and Chef are all similar and involve similar gameplay. You have to make things that can be used for yourself or sold.

The last three careers; Miner, Angler, and Woodcutter, are all very similar as they have similar gameplay. You have to collect materials which can be used in other careers.

Even though there are three different types of gameplay  for the twelve careers, they all support each other. For example, the woodcutter can provide materials for the carpenter who can make a bow for the hunter.

Multiplayer Options

The game also features a multiplayer mode where you can connect via local play. However if one of you has the Origin Island DLC and the other doesn't you will not be able to play together. The same applies if you both have it but one of you has not unlocked it yet.

There is also a feature where you will find people you have met via Spotpass in your game, enabling you to speak to them and raise your friendship level. Once it has reached 100% they can give you a gift.

Graphics and Sound

I found the graphics to be pretty good as far as a 3DS game goes, it has merely basic 3D animation, however I prefer to play with 3D turned off. The music changes throughout the game, depending on what area you are in. The music fits the areas, and is usually an uplifting tune. There are also animation sounds when you attack, and for when you are crafting (eg. sewing machine sounds when you are making something with the sewing machine), this adds more life to the game, and fully immerses the player into the game.

Overall I have little to fault this game with. My only nitpick is the issue with only being able to use certain weapons in specific careers. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend this game to younger players starting out in RPG games.

Our Rating
Fantasy Life is a 3DS RPG game released in December 2012, the game features 12 career paths that you can swap between to achieve higher ranks in each career.
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Published Jan. 27th 2017

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