The Best and Worst: The First 10 Final Fantasy Games

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Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic franchises in gaming, and with good reason. It provided the foundation for numerous RPGs to follow. From characters and plot to setting and battle mechanics, Final Fantasy laid the groundwork for a generation of role playing games.

For many of us, a Final Fantasy game was (is) an integral part of our nascent gaming years. Like a good book, these games remind us of what and who we were when we last encountered them and who we are today -- and there is often something new to discover every time we revisit those worlds. 

The first 10 Final Fantasy games are typically considered the series' best. Each game seemed to evolve into something new while retaining much of what came before it, providing unique, yet nostalgic gameplay experiences with each iteration. However, that does not mean each FF game is created equally. Some lack dynamic characterization, where others skimp on story -- and some try to include too much new all at once. Still, even the lowest ranked in such a list possesses at least one significant strength --not something that can be said for many games or franchises.

But for this list, we decided to highlight plot, characterization, and gameplay mechanics as the main means of evaluating how each game stacks up compared to its peers. With that in mind, number 10 on the list probably won't be much of a surprise...

Published Aug. 27th 2017

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