FINAL FANTASY XV: Uncovered Releases Epic Teaser

Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered released a teaser full of goodness.

Square Enix released a teaser video for the Final Fantasy XV event Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered (view above). The teaser gives us a little bit of info on what fans can expect at the event, such as behind the scenes footage, new gameplay, unreleased content, and -- at long last -- a release date. FFXV Uncovered will be hosted by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys from gaming comedy group, Kinda Funny.

The event is set to take place on March 30th, 2016 in Los Angeles, Califorina at the Shrine Auditorium at 7PM PDT. Tickets for the event are unfortunately sold out; however, the show and a pre-live show will be streamed through Square Enix's YouTube channel and Twitch account for everyone to enjoy!

Will you be watching from the comfort of your own home, or be attending in person? Let me know in the comments, and watch the teaser in the header if you haven’t seen it yet!


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Published Mar. 28th 2016

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