Humble Deep Silver Bundle Launches

Deep Silver and Humble Bundle combine to give a pay what you want feature for a ton of popular games.

Fans of cheap PC games should be familiar with the Humble Bundle by now. For those who aren't, it's basically a pay-what-you-want deal for a large bundle of games, allowing you to split the price between charity, the publishers, and the Humble Bundle site itself.  The bundles tend to focus on indie games most of the time, but occasionally a big company jumps on board. Today, that company was Deep Silver.

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle includes Saint's Row 2, Saint's Row the Third, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2 Gold at any price you want to pay. If you pay above the average price, you can turn your Saint's Row 3 into the Full Package with all of the DLC, and pick up Dead Island GOTY Edition.  

Lastly, behind a $25 paywall is Dead Island Riptide, which would be a significant discount even if it didn't include all of the other games.

Also included in the bundle are the soundtracks for Saint's Row 3, Risen 2, Sacred 2, and Dead Island Riptide, although the Riptide soundtrack only unlocks if you foot the $25 for the game as well.

The charities supported are the American Red Cross and Child's Play charities, which are both excellent causes.  Currently, over 29,000 bundles have sold, and the average price is increasing every minute.  So go, get in early, and get some games for a good cause!

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Published Jul. 30th 2013

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