Blizzard Asks: How Much Would You Pay For A Level 90?

It's exactly as it looks, and Blizzard is thinking about making some money from the idea.

After a screenshot of a survey from Blizzard circulated around the web, speculations and interesting topics have occurred about this particular question asked by Blizzard:

As previously announced, the purchase of Warlords of Draenor will come with a free character upgrade to level 90. In your opinion, what would be the fair dollar value for just the character upgrade to level 90 (of any new or existing character)?

Over the years, World of Warcraft has pushed the level cap 30 levels and tweaked the leveling system so that players could achieve these new levels more efficiently. Blizzard's obvious concern is for drawing in more players with their new free-to-play market by possibly offering to purchase a maxed out character. Interesting marketing strategy for Blizzard to basically hint to fans that there's a potential service to upgrade some characters straight away.

The question at this point is this: how much would you pay for a level 90 character?

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Published Jan. 4th 2014
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I wouldn't ever pay for it. I cannot just jump on a level 90 and be good, I have to level from 1-90 to learn the class rotations and such. The rotations change so much expansion to expansion that it's not like I can even remember how it used to be, because it's completely different. I've relearned warlock 3 times now.

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