Gran Turismo Sport to turn Gamers into Real Life Racers?

Gamers might just be able to start their engines... for real.

Any racing game fan should know about Gran Turismo, one of the most popular PlayStation racing games for this past decade. The racing series has always done its best to be as realistic as possible, and developers are now pushing the limits even further. 

Just imagine being able to tell your mother that by playing Gran Turismo Sport, you're actually building up your future racing career. That's right, the racing game has decided to blur the line between what is virtual and what is reality. With a proper steering wheel set up, gamers could actually become better drivers. 

Real World vs Virtual World

The Gran Turismo series has always worked very closely with various car companies in the world of motorsports. Now, the FIA (International Automobile Federation) is offering gamers to make their progress count towards a real racing license.  

Gamers' skills and etiquette will be tracked throughout their racing experience in Gran Turismo Sport, and the ones who excel could very well be on their way towards becoming a licensed race-car driver. Never before has a sports game offered such an opportunity. 

The details are yet to be released, so it is still unknown as to how or what it takes to turn from race-car gamer to race-car driver. And although the possibility is an exciting thought, it is doubtful that just anyone could become a real life racer. 

Gran Turismo Sport will be released November 15th for PlayStation 4 in the United States and Japan, November 16th for Europe and November 18th for the UK. 


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Published May. 26th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    It will only be able to help gamers become real racers, if they don't use the GT6 physics engine.

    While Forza's steering is more arcadey than GTs (Forza allows for some powerslides which in a real car you would have to use opposite lock to get out of, but in Forza you can just straighten the wheel), it has FAR better physics of tires (under accl), suspension modeling, and how the roll of the car affects the turning. GT3 (and thus 4 because 4 improved the horizontal g's physics) still has the best physics in a GT game. 5 did a shockingly bad job, and 6 was even worse.

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