5 Elite: Dangerous YouTube Channels You Should Watch If You Are a Serious Commander

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Playing Elite: Dangerous is not only a gaming experience. It feels like more than that. Some would say it is a way of life. Others see the game as an escape from boring reality. 

There is certainly a community and a very precise culture behind the Elite: Dangerous project. There are also dedicated people -- Elite Commanders -- who are not only playing the game but also sharing their experiences through different media, most notably through YouTube Channels dedicated to the game.

What is very interesting about Elite: Dangerous YouTube channels is that many of them are not so much dedicated "how to" sources; many are presenting completely unique artistic and cultural visions -- and they are just nice to watch. 

With that said, let's take a look at five Elite:Dangerous YouTube Channels you won't want to miss.

Published Jan. 14th 2018

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