Digimon Heroes! Now with PVP!

Digimon Heroes is Digivolving from PvE to PvP!

The free-to-play Digimon Heroes! online card game is adding Player versus Player to the core game. This new feature will pit the best of the best against each other, allowing players to drop in and out when they so choose. The best part? You can win sweet prizes, arena points and even boost your overall rankings!

According to the update page there will be three different Leader boards players can participate in: Global, Daily or Friend.  At the start of the game you will be given five random opponents. Once you defeat all of them you get a nifty little prize. As you beat more opponents your ranking will increase and the players that stay high up on the leader boards will get even more prizes.

For an online game that has solely focused on Player versus Enemy since launch day, this is not only a welcome addition but a required one. Long time players are pretty excited for the new feature, and this should lure in some new blood.

If you want to join in you will need to use a PvP stone. It recharges every three minutes - ensuring a quick rotation of players - and helps keep the game going with almost no downtime. A great upside for any PvP arena, as many can attest to. 

This all sounds pretty cool, but there is one snag: instead of striving to win a certain item, you get random rewards. This could become frustrating if you win the same thing over and over -- especially if it's a poor item. Thankfully even if you do get doubles, they can be traded for decent XP. 

As a game, Digimon Heroes! is pretty simplistic over all. Basically a match three game where in which players fight to claim the title of 'Ultimate Digimon Hero'. It's a bit of collecting, with a bit of fighting and a lot of luck. So don't feel too bad if you don't do well in the rankings.

However if you're looking for an online card game that demands heavy strategy you're not going to get it here.

Currently the base game has over 1000 Digimon already in circulation, and will probably be adding more as time goes on. But with this juicy bit of new game-play there hasn't been a better time to pick this game up for some Digimon fun.

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Published May. 28th 2016

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