AirConsole Lands on Expanded Lineup of Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes

The cloud-based gaming platform brings its catalog of more than 100 party and co-op games to more televisions and devices.

Outside of actually getting your friends together in one place, the hardest part of playing party games is having enough peripherals and co-op games at your disposal at any given time. For a while now, AirConsole has been helping gamers get over that hurdle with their cloud-based solution. Now, they've made it even easier by expanding support for more Smart TVs and set-top boxes, specifically AndroidTV and HTML 5 powered devices and browsers. 

If you're unfamiliar with how AirConsole works, the concept is pretty simple. Visit AirConsole's website on any of the platform's supported devices, such as a laptop, PC, Chromescast, or tablet, get a pairing code, and use your smartphone as the controller. It's as easy as that -- and even better if you have a device that can cast to your television.  

The biggest hurdle to AirConsole's integration, though, is that it hasn't historically supported every device gamers might have in their homes. However, with today's announcement, the company hopes to have its library of 100+ games in even more homes. 

Andrin von Rechenberg, CEO of AirConsole's parent company N-Dreams AG, said that the company has always wanted to bring the platform to Android and HTML 5 devices so that more of their playerbase wouldn't have to buy additional equipment to use the platform.  

We always considered the Smart TV space perfect for AirConsole, and we're thrilled to bring our best content to these platforms (HTML5 & Android TV) so people can play games together in a new and smart way, without the need to buy any additional hardware.

A mixture of first- and third-party games, a lot of AirConsole's catalog is free to play. However, there is additional content available through the platform's subscription service, such as connecting more than two players at a time, no ad breaks, and unlockable in-game content. Called AirConsole Hero, the subscription will set you back a paltry $2.99. 

The only real "downside" we see to AirConsole now is that it doesn't support any real household names. Expand the catalog to some of the greatest party games of all time, and AirConsole will be a no-brainer. 

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Published Sep. 12th 2018

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