Nintendo's loses "Share Value" amid worldwide global market crisis

A panic in the global markets leads to a rough week for Nintendo's short-term value.

Nintendo seems to have hit a rough patch in their stock once again; this time seeing their company value drop a massive 17.4% over the course of one week. These troubles, however, are mostly outside of their control.

Part of this drop is due to the global "market turmoil" that seems to have made quite a big hit on the worldwide stock market. While the yen actually managed to strengthen over the course of the week, for a company like Nintendo that's not necessarily a good thing. Nintendo -- and other companies that focus on exports and external markets -- felt the effects more strongly than their counterparts in the Japanese market.

In addition to their current struggles with sales of their products, Nintendo seems to have hit quite the snag in the operations with this minor drop in the market. Hopefully the global markets will soon stabilize, not just for the benefit of Nintendo, but for the overall economy.

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Published Feb. 13th 2016

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