First Three Agents of Mayhem Revealed in New Trailer

Volition introduces us to the first three playable characters in their upcoming game Agents of Mayhem.

Agents of Mayhem is a third-person action game set in the Saints Row universe, in which players can choose three out of the 12 total playable Agents, then swap them out mid-battle to change up their strategy or gameplay experience. But who can they choose? We got a sneak peek at the answer in the game's newest "Franchise Force" trailer, where we're introduced to the first three playable Agents -- Hollywood, Fortune, and Hardtack.

Hollywood is a flashy, self-absorbed former adult actor. He believes the agency should be marketed, and he is the "Face of MAYHEM". Fortune is a sky pirate who excels at stealth and takes on the thief role. She also commands drones which can assist in the action. Hardtack is high on defense and happy to mock his opponents in battle.

In Agents of Mayhem, the world has been taken over by LEGION -- or the League of Evil Gentleman Intent on Obliterating Nations. It consists of criminals and costumed villains who must be stopped. When taking a break from the action, players will have access to The Ark, the base of MAYHEM. The Ark can be upgraded and customized to make it feel like home. 

Agents of Mayhem is developed by Volition and will be published by Deep Silver. It's scheduled to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 15, 2017.



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Published May. 8th 2017

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