Want to see a sexualized Ocelot? Watch these hilarious Quiet/Ocelot model swap videos

Director Kojima explains why protagonist Quiet needs skimpy clothes, but why does she need close-up butt and chest shots? An Ocelot model swap ensues.

The latest Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, released September 1st across multiple platforms as a conclusion game to the series. As what seems to be the case with any game featuring a scantily clad woman protagonist, it stirred up controversy among fans. Quiet, the skimpy sniper, made a lot of noise for her choice of clothing (or lack thereof). While clothing itself usually won't drive fans into a frenzy, the real complaints came when fans saw how sexual her scenes are within the game.

Director Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to explain his totally not sexist reasons behind her clothing choice. But the explanation that she requires photosynthesis became a joke in itself.

Some people may find it a little hard to tell apart what's "normal" from sexual when it comes to women on screens, but luckily the internet never disappoints. In a series of YouTube videos courtesy of Tactical Modding Operations, Quiet's most controversial scenes were model swapped with Ocelot, former rival to protagonist Big Boss. The results? Hilarious.

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Published Sep. 11th 2015

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